Automatic Delivery

Our customers enjoy automatic delivery and never have to worry about running out of gas.

 Keep Full Policy

Our “Keep Full” policy provides customers the assurance of uninterrupted gas supply. This ensures that our customers are protected in case of a severe cold period, heavy snowfall, or a nationwide shortage of propane.  


Delivery Schedules

  • Residential Cooking Only: every 3 or 4 months depending on usage
  • Residential Hot Water & Cooking: approximately every 60 days
  • Residential Heat, Hot Water & Cooking: approximately every 30 days from September thru May. Occasionally, during severe cold weather, some customers may receive deliveries every 15 days.
  • Commercial, Industrial and Agriculture – AS NEEDED

Tank Sizes Provided

  • 1,000 gallon above ground and underground
  • 500 gallon above ground and underground
  • 250 gallon above ground and underground
  • 100 gallon above ground
  • 50 gallon above ground

Tank Monitoring Technology

We offer a satellite monitoring service of company and customer owned tanks which shows real-time inventory levels and warnings when the tank is in danger or running out.


24 Hour Emergency Service

We maintain a 24 hour emergency service system to assure that, in an emergency, one of our service personnel will be available to meet your needs.


Payment Options

Payment is due 30 days from service/delivery

  • Pay On Line – Access your activity on line and pay using electronic payments via check (ACH) and/or credit card including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Automatic Credit Card Payments – We keep your credit card on file and automatically charge it for each delivery. There are no bills to track, no checks to write and no stamps to buy.
  • Credit Card Payments – Customers may pay by phone, in person at our office or on line through our secure web site.
  • Budget Plan – We calculate your expected usage and price spreading the amount into 11 equal monthly payments
  • Pre-Buy -  Generally offered in July and August. Customers may elect to pre-buy at a fixed price the estimated number of gallons they will use for a given period. The intent is to take advantage of generally lower prices in the summer months whereas the price tends to rise in the winter with increased demand.