Payment Options

Payment is due 30 days from service/delivery

  • Pay On Line – Access your activity on line and pay using electronic payments via check (ACH) and/or credit card including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Automatic Credit Card Payments – We keep your credit card on file and automatically charge it for each delivery. There are no bills to track, no checks to write and no stamps to buy.
  • Credit Card Payments – Customers may pay by phone, in person at our office or on line through our secure web site.
  • Budget Plan – We calculate your expected usage and price spreading the amount into 11 equal monthly payments
  • Pre-Buy -  Generally offered in July and August. Customers may elect to pre-buy at a fixed price the estimated number of gallons they will use for a given period. The intent is to take advantage of generally lower prices in the summer months whereas the price tends to rise in the winter with increased demand.